Hell Warders Wiki

Version 0.2

Map updates:

Screen 6696x3080 2017-04-21 15-05-57.png

Dust town is now a fully playable map with tornado mechanism

Molten Castle and Sky Dancer’s monster spawn point improved, correctly hidden behind the spawn fog now.

Doomed Village is now in development, basic mechanism will surround slow fields & movable spirit orbs

Character updates:

Third character Samson is now LIVE!!

Samson is a mad-king in the desert acting as a support role in the game. He has a fast run speed and double jump to allow you to obtain far spirit orbs and place down towers for the team

Right click attack to drop down a bomb, which detonates when mosnter collide with it

Left click will be an air burst which you will be able to push the bomb and teammates

Screen 6436x2692 2017-04-26 11-48-01.png
Screen 6436x2692 2017-04-26 11-46-54.png


Increased grenade launcher explosive radius

Fixed on destination without colliding grenade launcher cause a reduced damage

Reduced grenade launcher reload time to 3.5 seconds

Increased damage of machine gun to 325 from 225 per hit

Monster updates:

Reduced Chaos demon and Abbadon’s attack speed.

Tower updates:

Image 2017-04-26 11-58-08.png

Updated wolf minion into Gargoyle which act as a 30 seconds guardian to fight for you

Sound effects:

Over 200 sounds effect have been added into the game together with background music

Known issue: on-hit effect currently not playing on monster’s death

Building phase & combat phase background music transition bug, unable to transit to combat phase (already able to change in local testing, probably server issue)