Hell Warders Wiki

For as long as mankind can remember, the Warders gave their lives fighting back the forces of darkness. An eternal war waged by mortals against a seemingly ceaseless legion. As one fell, another Warder shall fill his ranks. With every generation of Warders, new heroes and tales are born.

Hell Warders was formed by Ecimorn, the last Wizard of Light. He foresaw the demon would invade the greater mainland, therefore he commanded all heroes to join the Hell Warders. The wizard created multiple Nexus around the mainland to strengthen the power of the Hell Warders. All these years, only the Hell Warders were able to extract the power from the Nexus, which enhances their power and regeneration.

There was a stalemate between the Hell Warders and the demons for thousands of years, but 5 years ago, a hero betrayed the Hell Warders, and conveyed the secret about the Nexus to the demons. The demons found a way to extract the power of the nexus and turn themselves into the Greater Demon. Moloch was the first greater demon appeared on the mainland.

The previous battle against Moloch was a tragedy for the Hell warders, but some magical orbs have been appearing near every Nexus, maybe it was a fail safe made by the Wizard of Light, but how long will it last? Will your generation finally put an end to this everlasting struggle and seal the gates of Hell?