Moloch, the silencer, came from the Hell of Kaxateron. He participated in the last battle of Hell invasion, leading the army of Kaxateron, destroyed millions of villages. The people he killed, died without able to scream, therefore people name him The Silencer.


  • Moloch's combat abilities mainly target spirit orb unit. His moves includes casting a large magical orb surrounding him and persist for a few seconds, dealing moderate amount of damage.
  • The orb has a silencing effect which immobilizes all the summoned creature and defense unit placed by players.
  • Moloch's basic attack, skull crusher, is a single-target projectile that deals large amount of damage to defensive unit or player.


  • React to Moloch immediately before he reaches your line of defense, as it will immobilize all the defense unit around him, which other monsters could easily destroy the entire defense.



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