Hell Warders Wiki
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  • A New Defense Subgenre – With elements of Hero Defense and Tower Defense, and Hell Warder’s unique character.
  • 4 Player Co-op Combine forces and battle the forces of evil! Hellwarders supports both co-operative play with friends or with other warders via auto-matchmaking
  • Build Your Defenses – Plan your defenses and build powerful towers to foil the enemy
  • Scavenge for Powerups – Scavenge the map for powerful power-ups
  • Game Changing Skills and Abilities – Use you skills and abilities strategically to destroy the enemy invasion
  • Epic Enemies – From giant earth-shattering wurms to magic wielding lyches, the enemy will not wait for you.
  • Dynamic Maps – Features like flowing tides of lava adds variety to gameplay. Sometimes, even the map itself can be dangerous.


Ash, the Ember Knight

The Sword and Shield of the HellWarders. A veteran of many battles who is always seen in the front.
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The Deadeye, the Tainted

An expert cannon maker who has decided to join the Hell Warders due to his family's unfortunate event.
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Samson III, the De-throned

Samson III was dethroned after losing the last battle with the demons. Being exiled from his kingdom, he began his journey as a Hell Warder.

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