Port Gowler

Doomed Villege.png

"Poisoned waters under eternal night, this village has long been doomed. Yet still it lingers with pillars of starlight glowing proud. Wounded and tired, the Hell Warder have renamed this The Demons’ Grave."

Map Details

The Doomed Port is a sea-side map, widely considered more difficult then the other maps considering how far the two Nexus are from each other.


  • In a solo game, one could possibly place a lot of Orbs close to one nexus, while heavily defending the other nexus on his own.
  • It's also entirely possible for a player to kill the monsters once they spawn and run to the other side and keep doing the same, although much harder in Nightmare mode.
  • On harder modes, it may be more efficient to invest in putting more units that rely on delaying the enemy, such as those with high HP Blockade (currently known as Pikeman) or those that net the enemy, since in higher modes, the damage buildings do is insignificant. It may be more efficient to spread Archers to delay the monsters instead of having them deal chip damage.


Doomed Port is the only map that doesn't have a special mechanic, the Desert Ruins map has the tornado mechanic, the Sky Altar map has the levitating fan mechanic, the Molten Castle has the levitating planes mechanic and also the levitating height of the lava, where as the Doomed Port has no special mechanic related to it. It could potentially be considired as having one though, as the Orbs float around in the water and move in it, although there are no set in stone requirments for it, it remains unknown.

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