Deadeyes's perk

Level 5


  • Increase bullet range by 20%.
  • Increase bullet damage by 10%.

Quick Hands

  • Reload 20% faster
Level 10


Increase the health of Pikemen spirits by 20%. (Stacks with allies)

Level 15 Gunslinger
  • Increase Overdrive damage by 50%.
  • Increase Overdrive duration by 50%
Tainted Vial
  • Enemy hit by Tears will be stunned for 5 seconds.
Level 20

Binding Shadows

Increase the slowing effect of Crow spirits by 10%. (Stacks with allies)

Level 25 Bloodlust
  • Killing an Enermy during Overdrive will extend it's duration of by 1.5 seconds.
  • Throws 3 vials of Tears in one cast.
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