Hell Warders Wiki


  Trained from birth, the knight combines brutish strength with intelligence. He is the sword and shield of the Hell Warders. He can employ different sword play techniques, such as the Strike of Ember or the Abyssal Fire, which pulls enemies towards him


Melee Attack

  • Swinging his sword
  • Dealing a base damage of 1800

Shield block

  • Blocking with his shield
  • Reduces incoming damage of 50%
  • Neglect incoming projectile


Strike of Ember

  • Creates a fissure around the knight and stuns enemy for 2 seconds. It deals moderate amount of damage.
  • Dealing a base damage of 3600

Abyssal Fire

  • Creates a tornado torrent which draws enemy to the knight and combo with a wind slash, dealing large amount of damage.
  • Dealing a base daamge of 2700


Ash joined the Hell Warders after the lost battle with Moloch. He is one of the few knights left in the world. After the defeat, Ash embarked onto a journey to the East to seek for the fire spirit.