Hell Warders Wiki

Ash's perk

Level 5


  • Increase shield block percentage from 50% to 70%
  • Cast a ring of fire when successfully block an attack


  • Increase basic attack daamge by 50%
  • Slightly Increase cleave area
Level 10

Flaming Arrows

Increase the damage of Archer spirits by 20%

Level 15 Earth Shatter
  • Increases the stun duration of Strike of Ember from 3 to 5 seconds.
Light Bringer
  • After using Abyssal Fire, Ash's blade will be enchanted by flames, increasing basic attack damage by 50%.
Level 20

Fire Keeper

Increase the damage of Fire Mage spirits by 20%.

Level 25 Fiery Soul
  • Upon death, Ash will instantly resurrect with 50% Health and deal 500% damage to surrouding enemies.
Dying Embers
  • Upon receiving any fatal damage, Ash will gain a shield which will convert all incoming damage into health.