The Archer is a basic low tier unit which deals single target damage. It excels in archery. Each building unit pack contains 4 archers.

The archer is one of the first units to be added to the game. It has existed since the closed beta.


  • You can use the archer to distract enemies if you are having trouble gathering units together.
  • A pack of archers together deal ~1200 DPS, which can bring down bosses, or mobile creatures (since the archer's attack is a tracking projectile) easily.
  • If you don't plan on scattering archers around for distraction and split damage, and want to put archers behind the nexus, then it's suggested you put them inside, not near the edges, considering their squisheness causes them to die easily from ranged monsters.


  • Putting 4 archers down in quick succession will lead to automatic stutters to your game, and the player will not be able to move, closing the game after yields a crash.
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