Abaddon was once a great gladiator in ancient Rome. He won all the fights in his time and refered as the best gladiator in history. After surving all the matches in three years, he should be granted a freedom life, but due to his popularity, the King did not release the order instead used his family's life as ransom and forced him to fight in an unequal match against four other gladiators. He then killed all the four gladiators and turned into a demon named Abaddon.


Abaddon has a frontal shieldblock which reduces melee damage and blocks all kinds of projectile (does not include explosive). This shield deactivates when shieldman attacks.

Abaddon's attack ability is a slam that deals great amount of damage around himself.


Abaddon resist any crowd control effects (stun & knockback) and projectile in the front, therefore it requires champions with high health to distract the Abaddon. Utilize Ash's shieldblock which is very effective against Abaddon

Abaddon has a shieldblock which negates projectiles, therefore ranged champions have to attack from his back.



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